domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Tim O'brien

Tim O'Brien é um ilustrador e pintor cujas ilustrações detalhadas e criativas foram publicadas principalmente na revista "Time", bem como Newsweek, Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire e muitas outras.
"Gandhi" - TIME Magazine
- One of TIME's persons of the century, I did this one the day my son due. The art director said if my wife went into the labor, I didn't have to finissh it. She was ten day later. -
"Kofi Annan" - TIME Magazine
- Winner of The Noble Peace Prize -
"Marie Antoinette"
- My lovely wife, Elisabeth Parisi, was the art director on this job and for all the Royal diary covers -
- So real, the paintings just pop up out the frame -
- Showing this kid's soul though the pose and tone of the image, was the goal for this book cover, Yes, I painted every link!
"Playng Solitaire"
Dial Books
author Nancy Antle
- In this book, the main character is stalked by her abusive father. In an earlier scene two of her fingers are chopped off. I hid that fact on the cover in a clever way. -
"Mercury Falling"
Entertainment Weekly
- An illustration for the review of Sting's album, "Mercury Falling". Despite the rumors, I did not pose fot the figure. -
Royal Diaries Scholastic
- Each princess paiting is to my mind, a new and historic record of the likeness of these notable women. -

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Laricia disse...

Ilustrações tão reais que parecem fotografias!


Dalva disse...

Agradeço teu carinho, Larícia!


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